I’m off to a new adventure … you’re invited to come, too.

Mural in Cherán, Mexico

Beginning in late March, I am off on a 60+ day excursion to central Mexico to find stories and murals that expand our understanding of the Mexico beyond the margaritas and mariachis, the beach resorts and cartels. Some of the places I’ll go will be on the State Department’s list of “don’t travel there.” And, while there are no guarantees of safety in any part of the world, I’ve been there and know how to stay safe. Plus, you can join me from your arm chair … or meet me anywhere along the way.

I will be posting weekly stories and photos from the “real” Mexico, the beautiful culture and geography I have fallen in love with and intend to understand and appreciate more fully.

Invitation to become a Vagabundo (sponsor)

The weekly reports will always be free. However, adventures are expensive and I’d love to have your support … only $30 for annual subscriptions, or become a “vagabundo” (sponsor) to help with all those adventure necessities like food, transportation and a warm bed at night. (Anything above $250 will go toward a local contribution such as for a scholarship for young mural artists or to help Cherán reforest their mountain after illegal loggers clearcut over 50% of their mountain and damaged the town’s water system.) Anything under $250 is also gratefully appreciated.

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Fueled by curiosity and gratitude, I am Joyce Wycoff committed to exploring the world (both inner and outer) through words, photography and art. A recent Substack photo solicitation on “reflection” prompted me to submit this selfie.

Reflection: me and my iPhone exploring the Sacramento airport.

My intention is to dive beneath the surface, to go marrow deep into anything I'm curious enough to write about (including my own life) and bring back the simple truths gathered there.

On our journey together, you will receive two posts per week … Wednesday and Saturday, plus an extra monthly letter that I publish on the 17th of every month … which is the day I celebrate my life and acknowledge the fact that it will end. I am grateful to be in my 79th year with the precious resources of time and energy to explore our world.

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2024 is all about stories and adventures... especially the Mexico: Murals & Stories adventure, personal stories and adventures of women, transformation and connection.


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