Yesterday, a new Substack author transformed my thinking about a decision I have been struggling with for months. She told a metaphorical story, introduced an unfamiliar concept, and I actually felt my thinking shift as pieces of the puzzle fell into place. — Joyce Wycoff

Welcome to Substack … a new world portal of wisdom and transformation, a global, democratic, unbounded learning environment open to every reader with access to the internet.

Unfettered by the constraints of the middle-men in the old world of publishing who said, “I’ll give you X-dollars if you write what I think will bring me 10X-dollars,” Substack brings you fresh voices, generous writers with the courage to step into the arena, naked and vulnerable, in order to share with you their visions of the future, their stories, creativity, and gathered life wisdom.

I am a writer born in that old world and am grateful that it published five of my books focused on creativity and innovation. Now, I am even more delighted to be one of the thousands of bright lights here in the dawning of this Substack galaxy. — Joyce Wycoff

From precious as crown jewels … to … as affordable as a monthly latte.

In the old world, books were precious objects, created by hand, available only to the few, and written only by the elite who had time and status to record their thoughts.

Today, you (the readers) are in charge. Your interests are the funnel that determines what will succeed.

I came to Substack after 14 years of blogging while I travelled about, looking for a home, literally and figuratively, as I recovered from a series of losses, including my husband, parents, two homes, my career, even my beloved dog, Missy. (Although she came back after the custody battle was resolved … and then left again, way too soon). — Joyce Wycoff

Here at gratitude mojo and the Substack Field Guide you will find gratitude … lots of gratitude as it relates to almost everything we value in life.

And, a section on marketing for Substack authors … primarily delivered in the form of a Field Guide integrating a simple marketing process with the bells and whistles of Substack.

And what, pray tell, is a Field Guide?

It’s a marketing idea stimulator, 

… a short, reference guide series,

… to the elements and features of Substack,

… linked to a simple marketing process,

… and based on creative best practices.

All designed and curated to help you improve your own Substack.

And, delivered in a storable pdf form … and as a quick, digital flip book … so Substack Writers can refer back to it when needed.

The Substack Field Guide pairs Substack’s brilliant newsletter platform system with a simple marketing process so writers can focus on what they do best … writing for their readers in a way that also entices loyal subscribers. — Joyce Wycoff

Going even further, Substack supports Entrepreneurial Writers, those of us who want and need to write as a way of supporting ourselves and our families. The Field Guide is intended to be a learning and support system for professional writers.

The post mentioned in the opening led me to the following decision: The Substack Field Guide will be part of the gift-economy of Substack. It springs from my gratitude for being part of this generous community and my desire to serve both readers and the incredible writers here.

I am constantly looking for talented, emerging writers to help them raise their voices, tell their stories, and share their gathered wisdom. Your financial support will help me help them.

I am in love with this democratic platform and the amazing writers here and I hope to introduce you to many of them as I help them build their Substacks. — Joyce Wycoff

Here’s the first Field Guide in pdf form …

Feel free to print it out, make notes, ask questions in the weekly Study Group threads or in Notes … think of your Substack as a work-in-progress which will always be growing and changing.

Field Guide 1 Pdf
40.6MB ∙ PDF file

Or the digital, flip book form: (click here): Substack Field Guide #1 Flip Book.

This format is good for getting a quick overview of what’s here and what might be useful to you. New issues will be released every month so be sure to subscribe so you don’t miss an issue … or an invitation to a weekly Group Study thread where you can ask questions and celebrate wins.

And, why am I the right person to write (or curate) this Field Guide?

First, it seems that entrepreneurism is part of who I am. Creating new businesses and products came early and all my ventures involved writing … copywriting, product descriptions, infographics, strategic plans. Marketing.

Second, I fell in love with Substack and the brilliant writers I’ve met. There is something special here and I want to help writers succeed and continue to build this generous community of writers .

Third, at 77, I’m ready to put all my experience together to climb another learning curve, this one of learning the inner workings of Substack and weaving them together with a simple, proven marketing model. Putting words and images together in a way that creates something that will help writers reach their objectives just seems like a grand adventure.

Now, back to the practice of gratitude …

Quick Key: Gratitude … Saturday Field Guide … Wednesday

If you want your life to be better, happier, healthier, more joyful, gratitude is a key that opens many doors. Saturday letters will bring you practical ideas, insights, stories and exercises to enhance your practice of gratitude.

Who am I?

Author of two gratitude journals. The first one is on amazon and the second is a workbook available free in pdf format to paid subscribers … just send an email to to request yours.

I am an omni-curious student of life. Besides the books mentioned above (two of which are “classic bestsellers”), I’ve also self-published a young adult fantasy novel, three memoirs (rather remarkable considering the ordinary life I’ve lived), and a slew of “little” specialty art books. Plus, two full-sized novels still in my bottom drawer where they belong.

I think I could join the million-word writers’ club … if someone would just start it and figure out how to handle the word count. Life is an adventure experiment and I am enchanted by Substack and the writers I find here. — yeah, me again.

If you’re a writer, jump in; if you’re a reader, this Substack world is paradise.

Why gratitude practice?

It’s powerful, free and only takes a few minutes a day.

Why this newsletter?

gratitude mojo (Saturday) - The world is always changing; new studies and practices are always being developed and we want you to have the latest, most effective tools and practices available. Plus, we hope this will be a vibrant community where you can share your own ideas and ask questions that will make all of us think more deeply about making life better.

Substack Field Guide and Discussion threads (Wednesday) - These Wednesday posts and the monthly Field Guides (filled with Beautiful Examples from other Substack authors) will help you get off to a fast start on your journey to being an entrepreneurial writer.

gratitude mojo is based on a journal by the same name which is free in pdf format to paid subscribers who request a copy.

Thank you for reading gratitude mojo. Please feel free to share it.


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Substack Guide Wednesday posts, and weekly Come Talk Substack discussion threads explore the integration of Substack elements with a simple marketing and growth process. Gratitude tips, insights and stories are posted on Saturday.


Joyce Wycoff

Raised in the flat center of the Universe, I repeatedly challenged my destiny and hope to help you do the same. Writer was nowhere in my cards, but, at 45, I became a published author; at 61, a gallery artist. Who knows what's next ... for any of us?