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A spirit-nourishing community focused on diving deeper into the practice of gratitude, self-awareness, and self-appreciation for a better life.

Why gratitude practice? It’s powerful, free and only takes a few minutes a day.
Why this newsletter? To feed your whole self with nourishing information and conversation about the life-enhancing practice of gratitude.

Gratitude Mojo was developed by long-time friends and professional collaborators Lynne Snead and Joyce Wycoff, who began this journey to deepen their own gratitude practice. More than a year later and hundreds of hours of research and practice, the result is a radically different, 26-week journal/workbook as well as this newsletter/community.

We want to help everyone deepen their gratitude practice so the newsletter posts will always be free. We highly recommend journaling your gratitudes and would love to have you adopt Gratitude Mojo as your workbook and be part of this growing community. The workbook/journal is available as a printable pdf to annual paid subscribers. To help you make this decision there is a 10-day Gratitude Mojo Countdown of posts in the archives with lots of the details.


Here is the weekly schedule of posts:

Sunday … focusing on the 13 themes of Gratitude Mojo and developing your best life.

Most Thursdays: Journaling … turns out that journaling is one of the most powerful personal development practices and there are so many ways to do it. This series will share tips and techniques to gain more insights from your journaling

Some Thursdays: Wondersmitten … a series of found stories and beauty that bring us a little closer to understanding the human condition, and a little more awe for the resilience of our neighbors.

Once a month or so: Digital Flipbooks of Beauty, Peace, and Wisdom. Every once in awhile, some experience or story or will demand more space on the page and be turned into a digital flipbook … aka digital magazine. These will be offered free to paid subscribers, or $12.50 to unpaid subscribers.

Here’s an example of a digital flip book … brief, light-hearted overview of the Gratitude Mojo path:

                                      Click here to watch. (enlarge for better viewing)

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Joyce Wycoff
Joyce is an omni-curious student of life, seeker of wonder and beauty, author, and co-founder of Innovation Network. My co-creator, Lynne Snead is an author and Leadership Development coach, specializing in Science of Self assessments.