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Having been on vacation, I finally made time to read this post. I've named this the "Year of Travel," and am bouncing back and forth between where to go this fall...and whether to upgrade or travel with "deals" as I usually do. Higher-end adventure because at this age/stage I've earned it, or budget because it's generally been good enough--and once I arrive, the adventure is grand, regardless. Resistance to spending LOTS of miles or cash (for comfortable overnight flights) versus saving more for future adventures. A dilemma worth pondering. 😁💕😊

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Maybe its time for me to make a sugar stock pile for us for uor emergency use only

I had five scoops of ice-cream and two big pieces of chocolate cake tonight!

Your neighbor John

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I think the "Dance" has always been there. The main difference is that the new older and wiser self

recognizes that you can't fiddle-diddle over the dance for ever. And then the adventure part gets top billing until it physically just can't compete any more. Then you get to sit back and reminisce - yes indeed it was a life well-lived.

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A damn good post

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Of Wisdom comes in finding harmony in both.

Those ancient voices say, "You don't need to hunt for food each day?" I listen and recall my privileged state. Still adventure calls.

The ancients say, "You can instantly move through time and space? Unbelievable! What can you possibly learn from us?"

Still, I can't help feeling that I am giving up on life, accepting a small world.

"My dear," they say, "our world was small, but you are living a life of boundaryless possibilities."

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