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What a beautiful post, Joyce. Your Russian story reminded me of when I interviewed a returning veteran. Innolect was bidding on a project to support female veterans returning from the Middle East. What I found most startling was her story about going to her closet each morning or to the grocery store. She couldn't cope with all the overwhelming number of choices, having spent two years knowing exactly what she would wear and the rations she would eat each and every day. I've never looked at grocery store shelves in quite the same way. Her story and my gratitude stay with me.

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I found this interesting

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Thanks for your story about your experience in Russia and the connection between grateful and generous thinking and action. This week I found myself sharing in two unexpected ways with women who are 80+ and financially comfortable.

One woman had a new project but limited ability to spread the word of her accomplishment on social media. I prepared a post for her and told her I would meet to make a SM plan with her. Social Media skills are a fairly new acquisition for me. I am grateful and glad to share what I know.

The other woman intended to spend the afternoon with me, but when I arrived, she was in bed and not feeling well. I let her sleep then prepared an old college days recipe, Bird's Nest Soup, with ingredients I found in her kitchen. She is often particular about her food, but I noticed she wanted seconds on the soup when she awoke from her nap feeling better.

These were small things that I did, almost without thinking, but they were well received gifts that I was grateful to offer.

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